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5 Depths of lies: How lying eventually destroys your life

Lying is a vile temptress. It starts seemingly sweet and innocent, but in the end you will be sucked dry in the worst possible way. Here are 5 depths of lies. The deeper you go, the harder it is to climb out.


The Basic Lie – This is probably a small thing. Easily forgotten. Maybe the person will remember, maybe not. Even if they do, it can be easily explained away. There’s a little pressure to think on your feet, but it’s not a big deal.

You look great today!


The Data Point – This is a fixed thing that a person will remember. Something that could recur, so you will have to refer to it again and again. In some cases, you will have to keep adding Data Points that connect to an initial Data Point.

I am from Atlanta. I grew up near Indian Trail Rd. I went to Duluth High School.


The Other Person – Sometimes you tell conflicting lies to different people. Sometimes you give different people different Data Points.

(Person 1 loves McDonalds, hates Burger King) I love McDonalds!

Only mildly disturbing…

(Person 2 loves Burger King, hates McDonalds) I love Burger King!

The stuff of nightmares…

STRESS LEVEL 5 – Pants on fire.Now you have to remember who knows what Data Points, and maybe who know which Data Points. Are you confused? Probably.


The Wording – Things are getting more complex. Maybe you get caught; you get called out on a lie. If you have perfect memory, you may be able to get out on a technicality. You could possibly manipulate the other person to recount what you said, and then scan for outs, find a word or words that have some wiggle room.

I never said I hated McDonalds. I can love McDonalds and Burger King.

Mmm… burgers

STRESS LEVEL: 10-1,000,000 – Punch out. Now.Lies tend to build on lies. At this point, each lie is connected to so many other lies that pulling one would collapse everything and probably cause big damage to your life. The cost becomes greater than even the potential benefit. So you avoid it, and it just gets bigger and bigger, and it becomes a heavier and heavier burden to carry until you get suffocated under it, or everyone you’ve lied to dies or gets a brain disease.
Or, maybe you can track every lie you’ve told, to each person, using which exact wording, and you can maintain it over time… ask yourself, what’s the point? For fun? For avoiding embarrassment? For mental exercise?
Is it worth it?
Why not just use that brain power to do something constructive? You have one last chance, because there’s just one last depth…


Total Delusion – This is the spot where you are so deep in it… if you are really so willing to avoid whatever consequences you will receive for whatever lie, you just dig in, and you convince yourself that the lies are true, or warp the concept of truth itself. You shove your head so far up your own butt, that it actually pops back up on your shoulders. Pretty much the same except you are insane and/or soulless. This is also the stage where you may attack other people for threatening your lies. You drive them away, or gaslight them.

I never said that. I don’t care what the recording said. Those things can be faked. Why are you always accusing me of lying? I think you’re projecting. What are you hiding?

Yup, it’s everyone else.

STRESS LEVEL: 0 – Congrats. You’re a total dick.Just stop lying. Be honest. Or at least come clean while you’re strong enough to take the consequences. In the long run, it saves a lot of grief.
I used to be a serial liar. I got really good at lying. Then I realized… I don’t want to be a guy that’s good at lying. I’d rather be the other guy.
If you are a serial liar, ask yourself:
Is that world you want to live in?

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