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Does Klook Suck for Travel?

Don’t believe the negative reviews. Listen to a complete stranger. Use Klook for travel.

If you hate free money and saving on travel, don’t use the following link:

You get 3500 KRW ($3 or the equivalent in your local currency) just for signing up. Just like that!

Now let’s talk about activities: you can discover a ton of restaurants, activities, tours, travel options, and experiences. I’ve lived in Korea for 7 years, and I did not know about the aquarium with actual mermaids in it. Spoiler Alert: not that great, but the Observatory was well worth it.

Not only that, but everything is discounted! Some deals are better than others, but you’re always getting a deal. As far as I can tell, it’s not a “inflate the price because they are offering a discount” deal like a lot of hotels do. From my experience, I’ve actually paid regular price for some of the offerings on Klook… which drives me nuts because I could have used Klook had I known at the time!

If you purchase through Klook, you get ANOTHER BENEFIT. You get points based on your purchase price. The points give you immediate discounts on other things to do in Seoul, or anywhere else Klook operates. The amount is listed in the system, and you can see how much you have. This is IN ADDITION to any travel cards that gain points for travel purchases. I use my Chase Sapphire Reserve, which earns 3x points on travel for even more savings.

And there’s more. If you want to pretend to be a travel writer or you just like commenting on things… why not get compensated for it? You can get points for writing reviews. You get 50 points a pop, plus 30 more if you can upload at least 3 photos. You don’t have to be a master photographer (they accepted my blurry, misaligned pics).

And now there is the referral system.

As a member, if you refer another person to use Klook, that person immediately gets 3500 KRW. And if they complete a purchase, you get 3500 KRW.

If you’re in Korea, I recommend the 63 Building Observatory & Aqua Planet 63… minus the Aqua Planet 63 (unless you can avoid the crowds). Once you are done ignoring the Aquarium, or whatever activity, then I will get 3500 KRW. Then you can also enjoy the thrill of doing something kind for someone else. SUCH VALUE!

I honestly don’t understand why Klook has such mediocre reviews. I suspect that back in the day things were spotty… or maybe it depends on the region. I’ve used it for several activities, and they all worked out great. Was I nervous? Yes, because I always assume whatever happens to every negative review will happen to me, but I was pleasantly surprised every time. So unless you are crazy like me, you should have a great experience with Klook.

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