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I feel… vs I feel like you…

What’s the difference between these statements?

  • I feel small around you.
  • I feel like you look down on me.

Emotions can be tricky to communicate, especially in a disagreement or argument.

I feel…

Generally it is a good idea to use “I feel…”

  • I feel lonely when I am with you these days.
  • I feel sad when you look at your phone at dinner.
  • I feel far away from you now.

These statements communicate one’s inner feelings. The emotion is shared.

I feel like you…

Generally, “I feel like you…” is a judgement

  • I feel like you are being distant.
  • I feel like you don’t want to talk to me.
  • I feel like you are far away.

While expressing your feelings is healthy, making judgements can make people feel defensive. It can cause communication to stop.

Be careful!

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