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About Me

There’s nothing worse than signing up for something, and THEN finding out you could have gotten some kind of bonus/discount.

Ok, death is worse.

But that’s it. Nothing but DEATH is worse than missing out on a $3 discount on a future purchase.

As you can tell, I am insane. And I’m cheap (sorry ladies, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m already married!). Like a lot of people, I like getting stuff for minimal effort. Also, I don’t want to be a butt.

What does being a butt mean? Well, I think it’s important to live the world you want to live in. And I don’t like the squeaky wheel culture of where complainers and yellers get the best services, whereas polite, quiet courteous people get the honor of listening to other people complain… then watch them get rewarded… and then essentially get something lesser for not causing trouble/annoyance.

So! I am devoted to finding those little benefits that anyone can access, and also trying to be transparent about the whole practice. Because I want to share, and suck some money back from giant corporations, but I don’t want to screw anyone else in the process (i.e. be a butt).