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Posted 3 weeks ago by Michael Kim

1. Create your account Both students and educators can create an account on our online registration system. This is where you’ll find your school and...


KRW 8,000.00

Posted 4 weeks ago by Michael Kim

Special projects - Custom services for individual projects. Typically 3 hours (1 hour - face to face, 2 hours - offline). Additional time for longer...

 Consultation / 54 views

KRW 240,000.00

Posted 1 month ago by admin

Build skills in a 12 hour (12-week) course Presentations Corporate Medical Academic Interviewing Conversation Basic Intermediate Advanced Clinical Language Writing

 Professional Course / 17 views

KRW 840,000.00

Posted 1 month ago by admin

Classroom support and study skills. Per hour. Writing Exams TOEFL TOEIC Homework help

 Children's Course / 25 views

KRW 70,000.00